“We just want to give something away that brings people together. It’s hard out here and the last place anyone is thinking of being is in a club. We’re hoping this one holds people over till we can be together again properly.

The Freebs is an all-new bootleg release from sonic masterminds Jump Static via The Beat & Path. It features three “arena-ready” bootleg remixes that carve new musical territory for the group. From the punked-out speaker crushing “Chicago Troll” that you won’t see coming, to the teeth-rattling take of Portieshead’s seminal classic “Over” the crew really pulls out all the stops. Far more than just a Drum & Bass record “The Freebs” really begins to peel the onion back on the group’s roots. The EP is anchored by the beautifully re-envisioned “Blinding Lights” remix that turns that song so upside down that you can’t hear the original one straight again.

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The Freebs EP

Release Date : December 16, 2020